Concerned with the current labour shortage crisis plaguing the baking industry, and food industry at large, I started The Baker's Ed. Podcast as a way to collect primary research regarding:

  1. Issues concerning the baking trade's educational and training systems
  2. How we can attract, inspire, and retain new chefs for our industry
  3. Food literacy and sustainability
  4. Well-being, health, and career longevity in the baking/food industry
  5. Creativity and artistry of our industry and;
  6. Entrepreneurial pursuits 

    Through bi-weekly interviews, The Baker's Ed. Podcast provides a platform for all voices who have a stake in the baking/food industry (entrepreneurs, students, educators, organizations, manufacturers etc.) to amplify their concerns and celebrate their efforts in making our industry better! At this point in time, I feel as though in some parts of Canada, and in Canada as a whole, the baking industry is disjointed. Everyone seems to suffer their problems alone with a lack of collective support. For us to address our collective and individual needs, some grassroots research to find out what those needs are, is necessary. My hope is that The Baker's Ed. Podcast will be a place for just that!


    If you (or someone you know) would like to share your story/insights on The Baker's Ed. Podcast, please reach out to me directly here.