History of Studio Doonz: Custom Cakes & Desserts

In February 2017, my sister and I joined forces and started creating custom cakes for our community. About a year later, I decided to venture out on my own and Studio Doonz: Custom Cakes and Desserts was born. While achieving different milestones in my life: becoming a baker-patissier apprentice at a local bakery, earning my baking and pastry arts certificate, having my first child, braving the pandemic, having my second child, and starting my masters of education degree, Studio Doonz was more than a side hustle, it was my baking sanctuary. A place where I could get lost in the craft I loved, no matter how hectic my life was, and create custom cakes and desserts for my community and beyond.

I learned an insane amount over the course of the 5 years I spent making custom desserts, from how to deal with customers to the best methods to make all types of buttercream. I braved enough fondant disasters and 3-tiered wedding cake transportation anxieties to last me a lifetime. But most importantly I had a ridiculous amount of fun!

In February 2022, shortly after giving birth to my second child, I decided it was time to say goodbye to Studio Doonz. Today, I am focused on my lifelong dream of becoming an educator in the baking and pastry arts field fueled by my masters studies, ongoing research conducted via my passion project, The Baker's Ed. Podcast, and my career as a baker and pastry chef- currently honing skills at the beautiful Pearle Hotel and Spa in Burlington, ON. 

The following images are highlights of some of my favourite cakes and desserts, out of hundreds, that were created, all from-scratch, because of Studio Doonz