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Part 6: Moving Forward: The Fact-Finding Phase

by Dina Hamed

Reflecting on my entire conversation with Martin, I have realized that before any amendments or improvements can be made to our training and educational systems, we must embrace where we currently stand. Which is right at the beginning of, what I predict will be, a lengthy fact-finding phase.

I am still interested in deeper exploration of more specific questions concerning our current baking educational systems, especially the college certificate programs. Matters of student assessment within these programs fascinates me; how do we properly assess a baking student or trainee in a field that deals with both scientific and artistic subject matter? I understand now, that in tandem to this deeper exploration, a more ‘bird’s-eye-view’ analysis of the industry needs to happen. Before we can answer questions like, should our trade be regulated? Are our college programs providing adequate education? Or should we reintegrate the apprenticeship program into all college programs across Canada? We need to turn inward, come together, and assess our collective needs.

And there is hope on the horizon! Martin shared with me how he would love to have a round table discussion between industry and the provincial government to ask three pertinent questions, “Where are we? What are we doing? And what do we need" (Barnett, personal communication, September 21, 2021)? But, in my humble opinion, I think before we bring the provincial government and the industry together to talk, we first need to delve deeper into our industry’s vast and varying needs, as described above in the previous posts. There are so many different stakeholders involved with different concerns who need to be heard. We also need to identify who at BAC will be doing this exciting and painstaking grassroots work? I’m throwing my hand up in the air! I am, as Martin would say, someone who has committed herself to the industry and I am ready and willing to do the work. When do we get started?