Dina Hamed is a classically trained visual artist and pastry chef. She believes that dessert making is an art form- the perfect harmony between science and creativity. She is the owner of and Executive Pastry Chef at Studio Doonz; a custom dessert and cake decorating, micro-bakery established in 2019. She spends her downtime in her studio creating delicious, edible works of art made from-scratch and experimenting with new recipes and flavours!

Dina earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from McMaster University before completing her chef training as a student of the Baking and Pastry Arts program at Niagara College Canada. In 2018, Dina became a pastry cook[1]apprentice and was quickly promoted to an assistant pastry chef position at Sweet Paradise Bakery and Delicatessen in Hamilton ON, Canada. She has experience as a freelance recipe developer for the food marketing agency, TAG in Toronto, ON as well as several years of experience in retail management, most recently as a bakery department manager for Arz Fine Foods in Mississauga, ON.

Currently, she is in pursuit of her Ontario College of Trades Red Seal Baker-Patissier certification, a qualification required to become a baking and pastry arts educator. Passionate about the disparities across the educational system of the baking industry, Dina is also completing a Professional Master of Education at Queen's University. She is focused on exploring alternative models of baking and pastry arts education, needed to meet the industry's increasing demand for highly knowledgeable and skilled pastry chefs who can satisfy a rapidly growing consumer desire for from-scratch baked goods.